Welcome to one of the largest resources of everyday surfboard art in the world! Click on any of the tabs on your right hand side of the screen to view a style you like or browse the whole current range of graphics we have ready to roll for you. Most of the work is created here in house at Diverse... Some is not(featured designers for example).
Your welcome to copy any of Diverse’s own work! We don't care... Imitation is the best form of flattery, But you can be sure the most satisfying feelings is from the art you create yourself. So get busy and create some art for us to use on your new board! With our innovative new process available now, If you can create it on a computer we can apply it to a board. Any static graphic that is... (we cannot do not video boards.. yet!)

We would like to make you aware that we are accepting art from graphic designers around the world. You can send in some of your work and get paid a royalty too! Check our
Submissions page for the details. However the Featured Designers own the copyright to the featured art in Their respective Gallerys. If you have graphics you would like to submit email dave@diversesurf.com.au